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This turret type can self-detonate in a large explosion. The vehicle is lost in the process. The explosion can be caused explicitly or by sufficient external damage.Bombs are very powerful and can trigger the explosion of neighboring bombs. An optional Uranium-driven DOOMSDAY explosion provides an extended explosion radius but will notify hostile factions of the explosion. This turret type has special attacks classified as DOOMSDAY WEAPONRY. These typically require Uranium, and may be disallowed by the server.

Bombs are technically Kamikaze units. Care should be taken to not place them too closely to each other unless a chain-reaction is explicitly desired. It would not be the first war, ended by an unintentional chain reaction of explosions, going back all the way into your own base.

Doomsday bomb explosions can be devastating to the terrain, entire hostile factions, and possibly yourself, if you are not careful. They can end a war with a single detonation, e.g. by placing one beneath your enemy's base.