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Resources in Hexaverse are infinite, but must be retrieved from the local planet using mines or produced by other structures, such as generators.

Natural Resources

Natural resources are retrieved by mines from the planet core. Mines will retrieve the same amount of whichever natural resource is located beneath them each round, provided a link to the planet core can be maintained.

When visualized on the terrain (see controls for details), they are shown as colored bars atop the terrain:

  • Green: Fuel Fuel
  • Gray: Minerals Minerals
  • Yellow: Uranium Uranium

The higher the bar, the greater the yield per turn. Multiple natural resources may be found on the same cell, causing their bars to stack.


Natural resource coverage is initially unknown, and uncovered automatically within the scanning range of vehicles or towers featuring a surveyor turret.

Other Resources

Currently only Energy Energy is produced artificially by generators and reactor cores, by converting Fuel Fuel or Uranium Uranium. Many structures require a continuous supply of Energy Energy to operate.

Time Time is also frequently shown as a resource icon, indicating the number of rounds necessary to complete an operation.