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Nexus Port

  • Indestructible
  • Price: Minerals 0
  • Scanning range: 2
  • Consumes: Energy10
  • Produces: Fuel55 Minerals50 Uranium10

Nexus Ports are indestructible structures of unknown origin. Depending on game-settings, non-player Nexus Ports serve as spawning-beakons for Nexus units. Nexus Ports will shift ownership to the respective owner of the first connected player building. They must be enabled for a number of rounds in order to count towards winning the game. Disabling a Nexus Port will make it stop counting as such. A Nexus Port that loses all connections to other player-owned structures will shift back to the Nexus faction.

Nexus ports surrounded by a base (marked by red goal markers) provide the shown resources. Isolated ones (blue goal markers) provide less but are still worthwhile to acquire.