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Missile Launcher Tower

  • Based on Missile Launcher turret
  • Health: 24 [=16*1.5 (turret health multiplier)]
  • Price: Minerals 80
  • Scanning range: 2 [=4-2 (tower modifier)]
  • Hrz. Attack range: 9 [=7+2 (tower modifier)] (Missile)
  • Does not require ammunition
  • 1 attack per round
  • Explosion radius: 1
  • Damage: 10

Units or ground locations can be attacked if in range. The Missile Launcher tower-turret intercepts hostile mobile units during their movement phase. It is thus particularly well suited to defend strategically important regions.

Powerful long range defense tower. Usually exceeds the range of any regular mobile unit. Depending on the terrain, artillery vehicles may be placed on high enough ground so that they exceed the spherical range of this tower type. EMP turrets almost always shoot farther but deal no permanent damage.