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download Technitesv0.3.2815.2 MiBLast updated June 14th 2016 16:02:52
This version of Hexaverse shares most features with the main prototype. Pylons are not available and buildings of one faction implicitly connect across any distance.
The game rules allow the creation and processing of technite factions, tiny programmable life-forms that can cover and reshape the globe, as well as wreak havoc among player factions.
A special client is required to program their behavior. A C# base implementation of such a client can be found here:

v0.3.28 [Jun 14 2016]
+ Added option for technite logic to mark locations in the world.
* Fixed bottom layer visibility visualization.

v0.3.27 [May 9 2016]
+ Added new button and functionality to automatically progress round if all units have been instructed.
* Fixed round progression in the presence of extra technite rounds and an active AI client.

v0.3.26 [Apr 28 2016]
+ Shift+F3 can now be used to capture auto-cropped, transparent screenshots.
* Fixed automatic round progression in the presence of animation events.
* Fixed various consistency issues when loading game states.

v0.3.25 [Apr 19 2016]
> Rounds again auto-commence when not currently in technite-spawning mode.
* Fixed technite logic being executed multiple times when it should not.
* Fixed technite logic not properly resetting when abandoning the current faction.
* Fixed crash when technites detect a new faction.

v0.3.24 [Apr 12 2016]
+ Re-included D3DCompiler_43.dll since it seems to be necessary in some cases.
+ Added technite debug messages to protocol.
> Incorrect client configuration files are now repaired instead of crashing the client.
> Technites are now spawned manually at user-chosen locations.

v0.3.23 [Apr 10 2016]
+ Added control commands to manage factions.
> Reactor cores now require uranium to operate but generate power in addition to their usual functionality.
> Improved sky grid. G can now be used to quickly toggle its appearance.
> Vehicles can no longer enter residual EMP zones.
> Scheduling a mobile entity task will now wake the local unit if necessary.
> Clipped terrain now visually distinguishes between invisible and visible terrain.
> Newly discovered offensive non-sentry units no longer cause a mobile unit to stop in its tracks.
* Fixed various visibility and grid issues causing client assertion failures and subsequent crashes.
* Fixed hostile health visually reverting to full when sensor contact is temporarily lost.

v0.3.22 [Apr 5 2016]
> Enabled vertical synchronization by default.
> Routing errors of automated vehicles (surveyors) are no longer visually logged.
> Some visual commands of vehicle plants now flash if action is expected.
> UI now lists unit contents of cargo units that are not vehicle stores.
> Bombs will now continue with their explosion task, even if put to sleep.
> Considerably increased terraforming speed.
* Fixed random jumping and flashing of selected unit button after changing selection.
* Fixed server endless loop when path construction job (e.g. build road to) permanently fails at end-point.
* Fixed unit deployment (from factories/storage) on slopes.
* Fixed deployment of units outside the regular grid (e.g. planes).
* Three or less active players, with emp zones, but no goal defined, will now only unlock one zone (was two).
- Removed satellite system.

v0.3.21 [Mar 31 2016]
* Fixed terrain resource visualization.

v0.3.20 [Mar 30 2016]
> Resource stacks are now hidden by default, when connecting as spectator.
> Improved initial terrain simplification algorithm to produce cleaner terrains.
* Fixed server-side random key generation on some systems.
* Fixed rare UI crashes.
* Fixed console crashes when pressing up without an existing input history.

v0.3.19 [Mar 20 2016]
+ The Ctrl-key can now be used to toggle terrain see-through.
+ EMP zones can now be declared independently of game goal.
> Surveyors no longer take routes that they cannot drive in both directions.
> Improved performance of path finding.
> Reduced safe falling distance of hovercraft vehicles to 5 (was basically infinite).
> Natural resources are more clustered now.
> Path jobs (build roads etc) will now tolerate structures at their destination.
> Client screenshots are now stored in My Documents along side logs.
* Fixed vehicles not being able to enter vehicle stores.

v0.3.18 [Mar 1 2016]
+ Included control console for interactive command-line server configuration.
> Bombs can now be configured to self-detonate with a regular explosion when destroyed by some outside force.
> When placing new buildings, the scanning and possibly attack ranges are shown ahead of actually placing them.
> Reorganized buttons into a command tree.
> The new-round button now flashes even when the local player is not the last to press it.
> It's now possible to build on the bottom layer, if the ground beneath is not clear.
> Resources are now configured per planet type.
* Fixed zoom-factor on contact icons.
* Fixed size of attack rings for satellites.
* Fixed failure of terraformer automatic relocation after finishing construction.
* Fixed digging down to the bottom layer.
* Fixed timing error causing the client to sometimes ignore relocation motion after job completion.
* Fixed visualization of EMP attack ranges.
- Mines no longer provide twice as much output when built below height level -7.

v0.3.17 [Feb 24 2016]
+ Analogously to terrain blocks, attack ranges are now shown on water surfaces when manual attacks are issued.
+ Added ambient sound for generators.
+ Added sounds for artillery shots and turret rotations.
+ Added ambient sounds for all three vehicle base types.
+ Added ambient sound for mines and factories.
+ Added sound for missile attacks.
+ Implemented structure placement. Clicking on a construction job now asks for a destination first.
+ Pressing shift will allow to repeat the last construction job in a different location.
+ Rings now indicate the number of attacks units have left during the next attack phase.
+ Added configuration option to specify whether nexus bases should have satellites.
+ New Bomb turret type can be used to blow up large areas (ideally from beneath ground).
+ Mines provide twice as much output when built below height level -7 (shown in UI panel now).
> Improved search behavior of automated surveyors.
> Towers now allow backspace-undoing of attack tasks.
> Resource view is now enabled by default.
> SkyPorts are now considered idle if they have no hub connected, and an empty queue.
> Included satellites into the IsIdle() loop.
* Fixed save games not persistently memorizing sleep-state of units.
* Fixed desert planet type.
* Fixed spectator terrain construction.
* Fixed automated surveyor being incorrectly determined as idle.
* Fixed calculation of smoke trail when Ragnarök fires.
* Fixed SkyHub UI button placement.
* Fixed user configuration loading.

v0.3.16 [Feb 15 2016]
+ Ghosts now memorize the owner of the referenced entity (if any).
+ Added option to use max compression for time lapse series PNG files.
+ Added puttons to put vehicles and vehicle plants to sleep. Sleeping vehicles will mostly not be considered idle, and pause building.
+ Added visual event log of the last processing round, showing buttons of attacks and unit losses.
+ Added visible smoke trails of attacks that happened during the last processing round.
> Reduced height of uranium storage to better show resource marker on top.
> Improved faction coloring in spectator mode.
> Time lapse mode now locks the camera, and shows a gui message to indicate that recording is active.
> Mines that cannot be enabled right now are no longer considered idle (they will not show up iterating via space).
> Reduced resource output of nexus ports that are not part of nexus bases.
> Truncated time lapse screenshots to when animations of any sort are actually active.
> Buildings walls (up or forward) now connects to any solid neighboring matter.
> Offensive vehicles are now considered idle only, if they actually can attack this round.
> "Dig Tunnel To..." command now tries better to stay on the same level as the vehicle currently is.
* Fixed ownership change of nexus port causing the undesired appearance of a ghost.
* Client now correctly closes down any started server before quitting.
* Fixed clients in visual range not always seeing instantaneous events as they should.
* Fixed artillery attack job trajectory not always being rendered correctly.
* Possibly fixed rare case where a terraformer would not finish a construction job if its movement was only partially successful.
* Fixed hostile satellites showing up as ghosts while in radar range.
* Fixed access violation when handling outdated markers (ghosts).
* Fixed detection of new contacts when moving vehicles, thus reducing the number of false forced stops.

v0.3.15 [Feb 7 2016]
* Fixed incorrect server IDs leading to client-side merging of different servers into one.
* Fixed UI buttons now graying out when they should.
* Fixed visualization of dig-to jobs.
* Fixed hostile markers (ghosts) disappearing too quickly.
* Fixed Nexus Port control loss when loading savegames.
* Fixed mechanic repair operation.
> Extended automatic building activation to two.
> It is now possible to deactivate essential buildings without the balancer automatically reactivating them.
> Reduced the amount of log messages on screen.
> Improved appearance of vehicle plants.
+ Added reactor core building to amplify output of connected generators.
+ Spectator mode now colors units differently depending on their faction
+ Time lapse mode (activated/disabled via F2) can be used to automatically capture sequences of screenshots.

v0.3.14 [Jan 29 2016]
* Fixed Nexus Port incorrectly registering with new neighbors when changing ownership as a result.
* Fixed regular explosion terrain changes being treated like doomsday explosions.
* Fixed Nexus Ports sometimes not changing ownership when building next to them.
* Fixed implicit attack targeting when right-clicking on a hostile unit.
* Fixed client not being able to start server.
* Fixed nexus satellites not seeing approaching player satellites.
* Fixed 'new round' button not flashing when it should.
> Satellites now automatically fire at stationary hostile targets as well as moving ones.
> Ghosts are now removed if an owned mobile entity moves onto the same location.
> Path projections of unselected mobiles are now displayed with less contrast

v0.3.13 [Jan 27 2016]
* Fixed abandoned factions not registering as offline to other connected clients.
* Fixed server not changing working directory to directory of executable when launched in a different working directory.
* Fixed server crashing when relaying explosion trajectories to spectator factions (thanks to Alex).
* Fixed unintended EMP zone collapsing when factions die.
> Increased contrast of range visualizations (attack/sensor).
> Improved appearance of lava (replaced sin-equations with perlin noise).
> Improved initial faction placement.
> Improved space button to visit working structures (mines/factories) only once per round even if no commands are given.
- Removed confirmation from server disconnection and faction abandoning. Since these are reversible operations the confirmation makes no sense.
- Removed control icons when selecting units not owned by the local client.
+ The end-round-button now starts flashing red, if the local faction is the last online to request a new round, and all local entities have been visited or are busy.
+ Terrain see-through now displays lava toned down rather than black.
+ Pressing H now hides the control GUI and contact list.
+ Added option --loadAuto/-a [number] to load automated savegames without specifying a full path. -a 0 loads the most recent.

v0.3.12 [Jan 25 2016]
> Cleaned up server runtime parameters. All parameters now have long versions (e.g. --port 12345), and short versions (e.g. -p 12345).
> Replaced resource probability parameter with density value to better control resource distribution.
+ Remote control allows to control some aspects of the server from localhost, if --remote is passed as runtime parameter. This feature is still in active development.
+ Added buttons to start and stop local server.
+ Q and E now also rotate the camera (like A and D do).
* Fixed default planet types.

v0.3.11 [Jan 14 2016]
+ Server ports can now be altered by specifying 'port 12345' as runtime parameter when launching the server.
+ Clients can connect to different ports by specifying a port segment in the respective server url ('host:port').
+ Implemented spectator mode.
> New factions can now be created during animation phase.
* Fixed satellite active/inactive coloring.
*Fixed technite SelfTransformToType.

> Long distance routes will now be computed by the client and sent as a sequence of waypoints.
> Improved performance of route changes both for server and client.

v0.3.9 [Nov 20 2015]
> Upgraded internal sensor system to better work with grid-based entities (e.g. technites).
* Fixed AI cannon tanks not attacking stationary targets.
* Various internal fixes.
+ Increased visual range of technites to 2 cell blocks horizontally, up, and down.
+ Added server-option to disabled technite TTL.
+ Added new instruction that allows to scan the surrounding in a spherical field.

v0.3.8 [Nov 9 2015]
+ Added option to undo round-end request.
> Auto-savegames are created at the beginning of the animation phase now to reduce noticable delay.
* Fixed towers not firing due to self-obstruction.

v0.3.7 [Nov 8 2015]
* Replaced outdated d3dcompiler_43.dll with d3dcompiler_47.dll. On systems running win8.1+ this is not necessary.
* Reworked core TCP module to handle events outside critical region. This limits deadlock errors to actual deadlocks, and not event handling taking unusually long.
> Removed x32 version of visual client to avoid having to ship d3dcompiler_47.dll for 32bit, too.
+ Moved user configuration, auto-savegames, and log file output to [My Documents/My Games/Hexaverse].
+ Client log file names now contain a timestamp, and are not overwritten, like server log files.
> Decreased scanning range of radar turrets (14->12).
> Increased scanning range of surveyor and terraformers (3->4).
> Slightly increased default terrain fuel and mineral yield.
+ Abandoning a faction will now append '(abandoned)' to the user name before quitting the faction. This name change is revoked if a connection is reestablished.
> The nexus faction will now no longer suffer residual EMP damage on its units.
* Fixed Nexus faction unit production. This must have been broken since abandoning connectors.

v0.3.6 [Nov 5 2015]
Limited zooming range.
Increased visual size of round timer.
Now computing struct counts client-side, rather than transferring them.

v0.3.5 [Nov 2 2015]
Implemented experimental game goal markers in the terrain to indicate where nexus ports (blue) and AI bases (red) are located.
Regular explosions now dissipate when their center lies within residual EMP field.
Added some more tutorial messages and images.
Increased default threat factor of nexus AI faction.
Made unit deployment limits more obvious in the GUI.
Reduced default (and internal) natural resource yield.

v0.3.4 [Oct 19 2015]
Added server-setting to run multiple technite rounds per regular player round.
Adjusted technite logic protocol to support these sub-rounds, as well as faction IDs.

v0.3.3 [Oct 18 2015]
Added game-object support for technites
Technite logic is now notified of current round number when tasked to process strategy.
Decoupled player requesting new round and technite logic execution end. Only if both are set, a new round is requested.
For technite-only factions, a new round is requested once the logic is done computing.
Added option for the server to restrict the type of faction that can be newly created; the client will gray-out the respective buttons.
Client will now also list servers for which it could not deserialize host information to indicate those are completely uncompatible.

v0.3.2 [Oct 14 2015]
Improved GUI system, tutorial messages, and general application stability.
Introduced technite system to server and client.

v0.3.1 [Aug 30 2015]
Disabled hibernation system.
Moved planet types from server/server.ini to server/config/planets/*.ini.
Introduced table in server.ini that allows to declare the maximum number of units per type.
Introduced 'Build Bridge to' command for Terraformers.
VehiclePlants no longer have grayed out buttons but rather tell the user what needs to be done to continue.
VehiclePlants now have the first base selected by default (thanks to Christian).

v0.3.0 [Aug 25 2015]
Added satellite grid and view
Implemented initial satellite fuel logic
Added SkyPort as construction platform and fuel supplier to connected SkyHubs
Added SkyHub as sky counter part of SkyPort, and fuel supplier to other (non-connected) satellites
Removed munition resource type, MunitionFactory, and MunitionStorage
Added SkyGuardian as orbital defense platform
Added Ragnarök doomsday satellite

v0.2.15 [Jul 13 2015]
Added resource display mode that shows numbers only (no bars). This mode can be enabled/disabled in game.ini or by pressing the R key
Added magma planet type
Improved lava coloring
Colored water green where affected by area-emp

v0.2.14 [Jun 20 2015]
Experimental connector-less mode
Defensive towers no longer provide munition storage capacity (use munition storage facilities)
Vehicles no longer provide storage for anything but pull resources from the player compound
Construction jobs with insufficient resources are delayed now, instead of aborted
Implemented experimental resource normalization and clustering

v0.2.13 [Jun 14 2015]
Range modifier for cat vehicles now also affects scanning range, if the respective turret can not attack
Introduced uplink traffic system to limit active units
Spawning a new terraformer while survival countdown is in place will now instantly clear the countdown
Introduced vehicle stores to store unused vehicles. Stored vehicles do not generate uplink traffic
Important log events now stay longer on screen
Replaced hexadecimal output of unique ids with adjective+noun combinations

v0.2.12 [May 7 2015]
Introduced catamaran base, which has a firing range bonus of 1, and moves very fast, but requires water to move on
Reduced health level of heavy base and cat base to 12 (was 16)
Introduced missile turret, which shoots straight, has an explosion radius of 1, and a base max range of 8
Missile turret is now the only tower turret
Remove height malus from artillery
Doubled starting resources
Mines can be limited now

v0.2.11 [May 3 2015]
Colored certain important log messages
Included busy-message in the tab-window for users that have not yet requested a new round
The tab key now also closes the tab-window
Implemented chat messages (using the T key)
Trying to enable a structure with insufficient compound resources will now be refused, rather than disabling other structures
Increased starting terraformers to two, when starting with bases
Increased heavy base construction speed multiplier to x2 (was x1). A heavy former will thus construct twice as fast as a hoverformer
Changed health multipliers of turrets to float, which are now x1.5 for artillery and x2 for cannon (were 2 and 3, respectively)
Increased client-timeout tolerance for server delay to 10 seconds (was 5)
Attack range is now reduced by 0.125 for every height level above median
Implemented cost estimation for sequence vehicle commands (e.g. build connectors to...)
Vehicle plants have optional gathering points now (select vehicle plant and click right mouse to direct)
Heavy terraformers can build roads (build road to...) across lakes now
Added confirmation when dropping vehicle tasks that have started and consumed resources
Surveyors are heavily repelled by faction-owned ghosts now
Redesigned contact bar
Increased base radar range by 2 (to 14)
Increased base EMP range by 1 (to 17)
Progress bars are visible through everything now (experimental)

v0.2.10 [Apr 26 2015]
Added various tutorial messages, accessible through a light bulb button bottom right of the screen
Attack ranges can now be visualized for all friendly/hostile entities
EMP damage now also affects attack ranges and movement speed
EMP explosion radius increased
Increased EMP duration from 3 rounds to 5. It's now actually usable
Using the space key to iterate through units now also includes disabled mines and offensive vehicles that could hit a hostile
User names are now stored separately, queried during first run, and treated by the server as consistent information
Pressing the TAB key now opens an overview over all known factions

v0.2.9 [Apr 16 2015]
Added always-day mode configurable in game.ini
Using the space key to iterate through units now skips vehicles that cannot build
Being attacked from outside the scanning range now produces partially randomized trajectories rather than none at all
Queueing new vehicles in a plant that have no valid spawning location will issue a warning
Changed attack method to closer approximation of physical trajectories. Very experimental
Camera auto-orbit no longer drops to lowest if no ground

v0.2.8 [Apr 6 2015]
Reverted back to high resolution terrain
Integrated foundations into geometries; removed terrain-foundation construction option
Replaced most string parameters in protocol with constant codes, thus reducing traffic
Buildings can now be placed next to one another, even if diverging in height
Removed most terrain constraints of buildings
Mines now provide minimal storage for minerals
Added wall buildings commands
Block buildings now puts concrete blocks rather than earth
Fully working bases are given to the nexus faction now, unless disabled
AI units are constructed rather than spawned. Dismantling a Nexus station stops vehicle production even if control over the Nexus Port is lost
Nexus Ports generate resources now
Reduced artillery and cannon ranges
Increased general entity scanning range from 1 to 2
Increased tower range bonus from 20% to 30%
Reduced nexus ports to 3, on isolated corners only
Vehicles stop in their motion now, if otherwise entering new contact's firing range
Visual attack range sphere now includes explosion range
Resource transfer now works across one layer of height difference (as opposed to 0 before)
Heavy bases can now fall up to two layers of height difference without taking damage
Attempting to construct anything that is not a mine or connector on a location with known natural resources will now require confirmation
Added visual notches to progress bars to show progression per round

v0.2.7 [Apr 1 2015]
Introduced console-only client for AI
Doubled health of all vehicles/structures
Added sun rotation (and color)
Reduced terrain resolution to match coarse object grid (experimental)
As a result: increased explosion radius of artillery
Removed documentation pdf until I have time to thoroughly update or replace it with tutorials
Added confirmation dialogs

v0.2.6 [Mar 21 2015]
Structures no longer enter unstable mode if complex resource vectors are unstable. Instead, buildings are disabled in order of least impact
Impact of disabling nexus ports is considered highest, but even nexus ports will be disabled at some point
Increased visual contrast between enabled and disabled working structures
Renamed "Tank" to "Cannon"
Auto-firing vehicles and structures now attempt to use their explosion radius as a range extension
Improved hints/help. Now using icons to represent resource types
AI will spawn vehicles now if approaching nexus port with a constructor

v0.2.5 [Mar 16 2015]
Added dampening and frequency values to extended core and mountain height calculation
Added snow height value
Added persistent marker support, automatically placed hostile contact markers, and ghost markers for lost vehicles.
Added some automated server tests
Added Nexus AI. Weighting still needs adjustment
Further adjusted planet configuration to allow ice planet type (which is default atm)

v0.2.4 [Mar 1 2015]
Implemented see-through for vehicles beneath (or otherwise occluded by) terrain
The atmosphere is volumetric now
Added planet configurations

v0.2.3 [Feb 22 2015]
Artillery can blast holes into the ground now
Added Uranium resource type, and storage
Added EMP-turret which uses 50 units of uranium to reduce the scanning range of targets for three rounds
Servers with incompatible versions are now shown during client start. Connection is forbidden, however
Surveyors can optionally be automated to search for minerals on their own
Increased contrast of resource visualization
Resource coverage can be configured via server.ini now
Updated server configuration file format
Offensive towers now pull ammo from their respective network, if local storage insufficient
Terrain clipping has increased radius now, and also clips water

v0.2.2 [Feb 15 2015]
The OpenAL installer is called automatically now, when needed
Space-button now also selects vehicle plants that require user interaction
Vehicle plants now show progress bars
Detected hostile objects are now shown in a horizontal bar near the top of the screen. Clicking on either will focus the camera on it
An icon image is shown near the selected object, which can be used to focus the camera on the currently selected object
Path finding is done in client-space now, plotting paths based on what the client knows, not what the server does
Vehicle translation (not exclusively vertical movement) can no longer result in vehicle destruction, if the vehicle can remain where it was; rather, motion is undone
When not playing with startup-bases, additional terraformers will be spawned, but no mineral container
The last disconnecting player will now pause the round timer until a new round is again started
Added mechanic turret for vehicles to repair damaged vehicles/structures. It cannot repair itself
Servers now allow configuring the number of rounds between automatic saves

v0.2.1 [Feb 12 2015]
Reduced network overhead by removing redundant notifications
Doubled building mineral costs
Doubled terraformer construction speed
Heavy base vehicles can now move anywhere short of over water, but at significantly reduced movement speed
Laptops using Nvidia Optimus should now automatically use the high-performance Nvidia card to render the game
Reduced resource coverage
New factions start at slightly randomized locations now
Updated resource visualization
Added broad blinking notifier shape, if buildings require user interaction
Added progress bars above vehicles to indicate construction progress and health
Implemented simple atmospheric glow

v0.2.0 [Feb 8 2015]
Entering closed beta phase
Introduced armored turret type to provide more armor and flexibility at the expense of firing range, and power.
Introdcued heavy vehicle foundation to provide more armor and carrying capacity at the expense of movement speed and movement flexibility
Reduced event density on screen
Introduced munition factory, storage, and transporter
Vehicles can now transfer to and from other vehicles
Offensive objects now require ammunition to attack
Vehicles and towers now spawn with full ammunition

v0.1.9 [Feb 5 2015]
Smoothed transition between shadow cascades
Introduced game goals
Introduced NexusPort building type as potential game goal
Introduced optional round timer and closed-game mode
Introduced optional base-requirement, and start-up bases
Introduced game winning logic, which declares a winner when all but one participant die in a closed game, or 7/12 nexus ports have been conquered
Reduced network overhead
Structures now show what resources they require and what they generate in the top right screen section
Mines now show their natural resource yield and whether or not a connection to the core is present
Client-sided mines no longer try to detect core connections or natural resource yield from client perspective, but are told by the server
Resources are visualized as one now (fuel=green, minerals=orange/white)
The space button now selects the next idle vehicle/vehicle plant
Selecting and focussing entities now smoothly moves the camera

v0.1.8 [Feb 1 2015]
Implemented world saving and loading
Reduced network overhead
Added more information to button tool-tips
Roads and single-block foundations beneath connectors are pulled all the way to the ground now
Rewrote info.txt into documentation.pdf, now including pictures

v0.1.7 [Jan 9 2015]
Updated UI to provide commands as icon-buttons
Servers now provide extensive logging

v0.1.6 [Jan 1 2015]
Halved natural resource yield from 10 units per bar to 5
Introduced radar turret type

v0.1.5 [Jan 1 2015]
Added resource visualization of selected entity
Now visualizing hostile vehicles and structures in red (instead of black)
Increased contrast of actually visible terrain portions
Moved resource-visualization above water surface
Added sand blocks near water surfaces
Terraformers now automatically move when a construction is finished that requires movement, and no job is left in the queue.
'Hide Objects' no longer hides shadows.
Updated info.txt

v0.1.4 [Dec 26 2014]
Added multi-lod range visualizations in red (firing range) and yellow (scanning range)
Increased movement speed of all vehicles

Added turrets, and auto targeting/firing.
Reduced explosion radius of standard artillery
Added terrain sensory/discovery

Adjusted viewing distances and firing ranges
Introduced resource scanner turret type
Changed server to spawn resource scanner vehicle in addition to tank and terraformer
Implemented resource discovery

Added changelog
Added fog of war, and visibility checks for vehicles and structures
Added explosion animation when demolishing structures