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Save Games

Save games are stored as binary .hsf (Hexaverse Save File) files, and managed exclusively by the server. The files contain all data necessary to restore a previous game at the moment of its creation. Past rounds are not part of a save game. Currently, if a history is desired, you will have to create save games manually to capture intermediate game states.



Unless configured differently, automatic saves are created every 10 rounds, or when all players have disconnected. Up to 10 automatic savegames are preserved per world ID in game folder\server\saves\auto\[world ID]\snapshot[index].hsf, where snapshot0.hsf is always the newest savegame, and snapshot9.hsf (if existing) is always the oldest.


Autosaves may be created manually using the control console command /IO/autoSaveNow.

The command /IO/saveTo [X] can be used to create a new save file [X] anywhere. [X] is evaluted relative to game folder\server\saves.


Save games may be loaded via the -l [X] server command line parameter, where [X] is a full path to a save file. A more convenient solution is to do so via the control console command /IO/loadFrom [X]. If the filename is located in the auto-save folder, using the described naming convention, then it may also be loaded using /IO/loadAutoSave [index] [world ID]. [index] defaults to 0 if not specified, [world ID] to the current world.

Loading save games while a game session is currently active flushes the current game state and forcefully disconnects all clients.