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An Introduction

Hexaverse is a round based X4 strategy game. Thrive and expand around the globe, or get whooped by someone that is better at it than you.

If you are new, check out controls, an explanation of the terrain, or all supported unit types. You may also be interested in game concepts such as round processing, factions, sensory, research, or AI development.

Hexaverse is a networked game. It comes in two parts: a visual client and a dedicated server. When starting the regular game (the visual client), it automatically locates any server running on the local area network and displays it in its server list. If there are none, you may have to start your own server.

To manage game savestates check out the save games documentation.


Hexaverse is networked but may run isolated on the local system. Typically, you need some network connection to compete against others.

Hexaverse currently only runs on windows. The server can be started on Linux using Wine, but few have had any luck with the client so far.

You will need a video card capable of rendering Direct3D 10 content. If your's is capable of doing that, then Hexaverse should run with an acceptable framerate. This requirement also means you need some screen. You should definitely have a screen.

Audio is optional. If you want audio output, then you need an OpenAL-compatible sound card or onboard device. I have not heard of any devices that are not compatible with OpenAL, so if you are listening to music from your PC right now, then you're probably good.

Keyboard and Mouse, I guess. The game makes use of left, middle (optional), and right mouse buttons, as well as the mouse wheel (also optional). The right click is particularly important. A keyboard (at least an emulated one) is necessary to enter your name, possibly a server address, and insults for your opponents when they raid your base.

Error Reporting

Surprisingly, Hexaverse has bugs. If you do encounter some, ideally the respective application automatically starts the bug reporter, allowing you to kindly submit a bug report. Alternatively, you may manually start the bug reporter from the visual client menu (Main->Help->Report Bug).